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Normally, the subject for the Master thesis is selected among the topics of the Major. There is a possibility to write a thesis in the context of the current research projects even though there are no explicit theses announced.

Working title Contact Type
Household electricity demand flexibility and its effect on the feasibility of high-renewables Swiss energy future scenarios (2 Students)| Details (PDF, 270 KB) Stefan Pfenninger ()
Niko Heeren ()
Relationship of teenagers to forests| Details (PDF, 54 KB) Eva Lieberherr () M
Historical role of the Swiss Forestry Society | Details (PDF, 97 KB) Eva Lieberherr () M
Community-based recovery plans for flood-related disasters in Genova, Italy | Details (PDF, 49 KB) Anna Scolobig () M
Case study: social opposition against power lines – the case of the Nant de Drance, Valais, Switzerland | Details Johan Lilliestam () M
Institutional Resources' Regime | Details in German
Eva Lieberherr () B (M)
Energy Transition in Switzerland – The role of municipalities in waste management | Details Mert Duygan () M
An empirical study of cantonal implementation of program agreements (NFA) in the forest sector | Details Eva Lieberherr () M
Warning systems and new frameworks for responsibility distribution | Details Anna Scolobig () M

B = Bachelor thesis, M = Master thesis

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