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2015/12/30 – Anthony Patt interviewed by BBC

Should we solar panel the Sahara desert?

2015/12/06 – "SonntagsZeitung" interview with Anthony Patt about Paris 2015

See online article (in German)

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2015/11/29 – Anthony Patt writes for "SonntagsZeitung"

Read his article (in German) about effects of climate change on working climate (PDF, 401 KB)

2015/11/03 – New "ETH Zukunftsblog"

Anthony Patt, Will the Paris agreement matter for climate change?

2015/10/30 – Anthony Patt writes for Tages-Anzeiger

Viel heisse Luft (TA, 2015-10-30, p. 15, in German). Search for "Viel heisse Luft" and "Patt".

2015/10/13-16 – CP members at SolarPACES Conference

Anthony Patt and Johan Lilliestam are going to the SolarPACES conference in Cape Town. On Wednesday Anthony Patt will talk about "The cost-reliability frontier" of CSP and on Thursday Johan Lilliestam will talk about "Concentrating solar power for the large cities in sub-Saharan Africa".

2015/07/29 – CP Group Members' Journal Article Awarded as Editors’ Choice Article

The paper "Towards people-centred approaches for effective disaster risk management: Balancing rhetoric with reality" by Anna Scolobig, Anthony Patt, Dagmar Schröter, Jonas Jörin, and Tim Prior was selected for the hand-picked choice of authors’ research and scientific articles from International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.

2015/04/17 – Press Conference with CP member Mercè Labordena

At the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union in Vienna, Mercè informed about clean energy production in deserts. This news has has been published in countries such as Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Chile (see efeverde website).

2015/02/19 – New "ETH Zukunftsblog"

Oscar van Vliet, The grey energy in smartphones and sausages

2015/02/03 – Tages-Anzeiger's Politblog with Anthony Patt

Read the full  article (in German) on the Tages-Anzeiger's web site.

2014/12/02 – International Conference on Renewable Energy Development & Applications for a Sustainable Agriculture

ETH in cooperation with IIASA are co-organising a conference in Tunisia under patronage of the President of the Tunisian Government, Mehdi Jomaa.

2014/11/13 – Water Symposium in Schiltach/Schwarzwald Germany

Natural Resource Policy group member Eva Lieberherr will moderate the 7th Hansgrohe Water Symposium titled "Water Technology of the Future".

Report (in German) in the "Schwarzwälder Bote" (2014/11/14).

2014/09/22 – Conference "Technik und Protest" at TU Berlin

CP member Johan Lilliestam has a talk at the "Konflikte um Technik: Energiewende und Partizipation" panel. More informationen (in German) about the conference can be found here.

2014/7/2 – Expert Workshop on “Sharing Best Practices to Protect Electricity Networks from Natural Disasters”

CP members Nadejda Komendantova and Oscar van Vliet attended the OSCE expert workshop in Vienna. For more information see OSCE's background paper (PDF, 75 KB) .

2014/6/23 – IIASA study shows greater potential for solar power

CP members Tony Patt and Stefan Pfenninger are co-authors of a paper just published in Nature Climate Change.

More information

Media reports

This article has got a high news coverage

2014/11/10 – Presentation at the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment

Natural Resource Policy group member Guillaume de Buren will present the results of the Alpeau Interreg research project at the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), Forest Division.

2014/10/29 – Workshop “Enhanced participation in the reinforcement of electricity grid"

CP members Leonhard Spaeth and Anna Scolobig discussed about “Participatory practices in power line planning processes” at the INSPIRE-Grid project stakeholder workshop and general assembly.

2014/10/08 – European Consultation Workshop in Paris

CP member Johan Lilliestam has a talk (Potential and perspectives of renewable electricity imports in a post-2020 policy framework) at the "Bringing Europe and third countries closer together through renewable energies" workshop. More informationen about the workshop can be found here.

2014/6/12 – Solar Power out of the Desert

Read online interview with Johan Lilliestam on Forskning & Framsteg (in Swedish)

2014/06/10 – New "ETH Klimablog"

Mercè Labordena, Adapting the electricity grid to climate change

2014/05/15 – New "ETH Klimablog"

Johan Lilliestam, How resilient is renewable electricity generation?

2014/04/14 – New "ETH Klimablog"

Anthony Patt, Greasing the wheels of change

2014/04/03 – New "ETH Klimablog"

Anthony Patt, A new paradigm for climate adaptation

2014/3/11 – Short interview with Tony Patt on ETH web site

For full article see ETH News

2014/02/13 – New "ETH Klimablog"

Johan Lilliestam, 50 shades of green: what determines our electricity future?

2014/1/31 – TheGuardian reports a paper by Patt & Weber

Corner, A. (2014). The communication of uncertainty is hindering climate change action. For full article see theGuardian

2013/10/31 – New "ETH Klimablog"

Anthony Patt, The sense of sustainability

2013/10/01 – New "ETH Klimablog"

Anthony Patt, Was bedeutet der IPCC-Bericht für die Klimapolitik?

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