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In the Climate Policy (CP) group we conduct problem-driven research on the strategies to address climate change and related environmental problems. Currently we focus on analysing pathways for creating a sustainable electricity system for Europe and beyond, the means to mitigate human vulnerability to climate and other natural hazards, and the effects of policies on the use and protection of natural resources. Our mission is to identify those scientific questions that policy makers need answered urgently, and then to answer them, communicating the results clearly and effectively. Our core competencies are in the collection and analysis of data on people's beliefs, attitudes, and decisions, and in the modeling of system behaviors that depend on the interaction of human, engineered, and environmental elements. We publish our scientific research results in interdisciplinary and problem-oriented journals, and engage in extensive outreach activities both in Switzerland and globally, such as with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

We have several research units: Electricity decarbonization and Climate change adaptation and natural hazards. The third research unit is independently funded but is embedded within the CP group: Natural Resource Policy.

The CP chair was formed in mid-2013 and replaced the chair of Environmental Sciences – Natural and Social Science Interface (NSSI), formerly led by Prof. em. Roland Scholz and until its end in July 2015 led by Drs. Pius Krütli and Michael Stauffacher.

The CP chair is part of the Institute for Environmental Decisions (IED). The aim of IED is to analyze individual and collective decisions in the context of natural resource utilization and environmental problems. Furthermore, IED's members aspire to support private and political decision makers who are striving for sustainable decisions while facing a tremendous number of risks and uncertainties.

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