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The Renewable Energy Policy Group will start as an independent research group in August 2017

In the Renewable Energy Policy Group, we conduct interdisciplinary research about policy options, strategies and instruments for the complete decarbonisation of the electricity sector using only renewables. Our focus is on Europe and the immediately surrounding regions.

We conduct problem-driven research and put the research question at the centre of our work. This means that we are not locked in to a particular discipline or take our starting point in a particular methodology, and have no vested interest in advancing a particular worldview or analytical angle; indeed, we question mono-disciplinary findings by broadening and deepening the perspective to view the same problem from other, sometimes multiple, angles. We use theories and methods from various disciplines, such as political science, economics, power system modelling, and transition research, but seek a theoretical and methodological framework for each question separately, which allows us to be flexible in terms of the questions we ask and to find new, innovative ways of answering them. We seek collaboration with colleagues around Europe and elsewhere, so as both to broaden our understanding of renewable energy policies in different countries, and to draw in methodological expertise when beneficial.

The group is supported by a 5-year research grant from the European Research Council. In the project TRIPOD, we investigate how the prospects of a transition to a fully renewable power system in Europe would be affected by the energy policy aims of

  • reducing energy and electricity demand;
  • creating a single, liberalised European power market and exposing all generation to competition;
  • building a borderless European power system, while also shifting the energy policy mandate from the national to the European level.

In TRIPOD, we investigate these interactions and, where we find that a policy aim is in conflict with the transition to renewables, we seek to develop policy solutions to overcome the problem.

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